Used 2014 KoAloha KTM-00FS Factory Special Tenor w/Pickup

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*Video is of same model ukulele, different stock*

KoAloha Ukuleles are known for their bright, vibrant sound. These are great instruments for beginners and advanced players.

This ukulele is setup in Low-G! You can request for High-G setup with OEM string at no additional cost.

This is a used KTM-00 Koa Tenor. It has been cleaned and setup for another owner. It is in the original condition and does some show small dings but nothing to affect playability. It was originally a factory special model which means it was sold discounted via the factory due to dings or minor cosmetic flaws.


-All Hawaiian Koa body
-CNC shaped sapele neck
-TUSQ nut and saddle
-KoAloha 5 pointed crown headstock
-20 fret fretboard joined at the 15th fretboard
-Rosewood fretboard and bridge
-Rosewood binding on the edge of the fretboard
-KoAloha geared tuners
-KoAloha's patented Musubi soundhole
-Sticker inner label
-Gloss finish
-August 2014 build
-Anuenue Active Pickup installed

All KoAloha ukuleles will ship with an Hard Case for FREE!

*Image is of actual product! What you see is what you get.*

by Koaloha